Computational Research
in Ice and Ocean Systems

About Us

The Computational Research in Ice and Ocean Systems (CRIOS) group at the Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin applies advanced computational methods to improve the understanding of the role of the global ocean, sea ice and the polar ice sheets in the climate system. Using Bayesian inverse methods and scientific machine learning, in particular, we work toward optimal extraction of information contained in observations and in the governing equations of motion, rendered as numerical models. Improved mechanistic understanding is essential for developing robust climate reconstructions and predictions with quantified uncertainties. Within UT Austin, CRIOS members are affiliated with the Jackson School of Geosciences and the Institute for Geophysics, the Oden Institute’s Center for Scientific Machine Learning and the Center for Computational Geosciences and Optimization. CRIOS is also involved in a number of national and international research collaborations.